Grants for Black Women

Women around the world are pushing forward their country’s economy. In spite of this, they do face inequality in several aspects. Black Women sadly suffer from gender discrimination more than women of other races. This true fact has led the government to keep aside billions of dollars for black women, to help them achieve their dreams.

An easier way for Black women to find funding would be to research foundations that offer financial help to minority women and not specifically just Black women.

A large sum of money is provided to minority women in the form of grants and scholarships. Many black women are aware of the existence of these funds. They however aren’t sure about where these funds are or whether they qualify for them. It’s true that plenty of paperwork is involved in applying for these grants but this should not be a reason for women to not apply for them.

Whether you’re looking for financial aid for college education or to launch your business, thorough research is the key to finding one that’s perfect for your requirement. Read the eligibility criteria so that you spend your time in applying only for the grants that are applicable to you.

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College grants for black women

There are a growing number of foundations and institutions that offer college grants specifically to black women so that they can study further in the field of their choice.

They are created to help hard working black women to go to college and graduate in the career that they are most passionate about. Some of these grants are especially made available for college courses that are not well represented by black women. Doing so encourages women of all ethnicity to dive into various fields of education.

A plethora of college grants exist for black women. Below are a few of the top ones.

The United Negro College Fund 

The UNCF is famous for providing a number of scholarships and grants to black women for their education. Logging on to their website ( will showcase a variety of funds and scholarships that are currently available for African-American students.

The National Black Nurses Associations

NBNA aids black women in a variety of ways. They do so by providing grants and scholarships to black women that are keen on pursuing a career in the field of nursing. The organization has several annual scholarships and grants for which black women can apply on

The National Association of Black Journalists

NABJ is a foundation that awards scholarships to students who are keenly interested in pursuing a career in journalism. These scholarships available for everyone but black women that qualify for them can get up to $25,000 in the form of education funds. Log on to to see if you are eligible.

The Julianne Malveaux Scholarship

This particular scholarship is meant for college going black women who are majoring in economics, journalism etc. Looking through their website will show a list of all the available scholarships.

National Science Foundation

NSF awards scholarships to black women through its Women in Engineering and Computer and Information Science Awards program. Black women can log on to to see whether they are applicable for the scholarship.

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Business Grants For Black Women

Brilliant ideas that can change the nation require initial funding to cover start-up costs. These funds can be obtained in the form of loans and grants. Loans may not be a valid option for everyone since repaying them along with their high interest rate is a stressful task. What can technically be termed as “free money”, is available for budding entrepreneurs to either boost their existing business or turn their new innovative ideas into a reality.  

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Small Business Grants for Black Women

As of 2017, a large percentage of small businesses started by black women and women from minority groups are running on grant money provided by the many organizations and foundations. These types of funds don’t involve any repayment, but the money received must be constructively used to either boost a black woman’s current home based/small business or to start a fresh new business.

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Keep reading to know our top 5 small business grants for black women entrepreneurs:


The InnovateHER Innovating for Women Business Challenge that is sponsored by the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Women’s Business Ownership is awarded to women that come up with ideas, products or services that have the potential to change women’s life for the better. Up to three candidates stand the chance to win $30,000 in the form of prize money.

FedEx Opportunity Knocks — Small Business Grant

Black women that submit their small-business idea could win up to $25,000 as prize money. One other candidates stands a chance to win $15,000 while eight others could win $7,500 each. The submitted ideas get votes from the general public. This process helps market the women’s business idea while also receiving votes at the same time.

The Small Business Innovation Research

The SBIR program awards grant money to women for small businesses. To qualify for this grant, the women’s business idea should revolve around behavioral research or development.

The Rural Business Enterprise Grants

The RBEG program gives business grants to fund the development and progress of businesses in rural regions. The money provided by this foundation can be utilized for project planning, construction, renovation, technical aid and much more.

Women Veteran Entrepreneur Corp Small Business Competition

The WVEC is a competition organized by Capital One and Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence. The competition involves two-minute pitches from women participants only. The women need to articulate exactly why their business deserves the funding. The awards are in form of elaborate business education and coaching that have known to help businesses grow their revenue by a minimum of 30-35% in just 2-4 years.

Hundreds of grants and scholarships for black women are out there. Spending some time and applying for the ones that you are eligible for, might just win you the funding you require to give life to your brilliant business concept.