Grants for Minority Women

The world is advancing and changing everyday. Technology and Education are responsible for most of the positive changes that have taken place in the last couple of years. Sadly however, in a few aspects, some things are still the same as before. Top of this list would be the inequality faced by women and minority groups. This unfortunate reality stands true, in spite of the fact that over 50% of the earth is populated by women. They still fall in the category of minority groups, mainly because they don’t share the same rights as men in the financial world. -> Read more about grants for minority women here <-

Grants for Black Women

Statistics show that today in 2017, about 35% of businesses in the United States are owned by women. A large chunk of these business (about 15%) are handled by black women. These women are generating big money while being in charge of leading a team. This number is only growing each day. Access to grants makes it possible for these businesses to reach their full potential. The other possible solution to gain funding would be to reach out to banks and investors for possible capital. However women entrepreneur always face inequality through this route. -> Read more about grants for black women here <-

Government Grants for Women

While all types of government funding is available for everybody, irrespective of their gender or race, there still are a few government grants that are especially available to women. The government business and education grants are set up to encourage talented and hardworking women to change their lives for the better.

Plenty of women miss out on this opportunity because they are overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork involved. This however, should not be a reason for women to hold back, as once the registration and application for the government grant is complete, the women will be one step closer in achieving their dreams. A certain percentage of the government grant is given to not for profit organizations, who then use the money to provide assistance to women in different ways. -> Read more about government grants for women here <-

College Grants for Women

Education scholarships and college grants assist women in paying off their college fees, while arming them with knowledge. College grants are awarded to women that are eager to receive education but lack the financial means to do so. Several grants are available for women who are keen on diving into fields that are known to be dominated by men, such as mathematics, engineering and technology. Starting with the Federal Government Grants is a good way to discover the many available education grants. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is awarded to students that come from low-income families, for their secondary studies. -> Read more about college grants for women here <-

Business Grants for Women

The lack of opportunities for women as compared to the chances available to men, gives rise to need for grants for women. Women are moving forward in multiple careers and businesses but that doesn’t erase the disadvantage that they face, purely due to their gender. A huge percentage of women suffer from major gender discrimination in their workplace. They are given fewer chances of advancement and some women even face harassment from their colleagues.

Women grants make it possible for them to face this inequality and rise against the people that are blocking their progress. It assists them in facing the unjust system. Business grants for women make it possible for talented and hard working ladies to either come up with a fresh business solution or gives them the funding to expand their startup/home business. Education grants make it possible for aspiring students to learn and grow in their chosen field. A large sum of money every year, is kept aside for these women grants. Solutions like these have been known to give rise to innovate products and services created by successful women entrepreneurs. -> Read more about business grants for women here <-

Small Business Grants for Women

Women that are struggling to start or expand their small business can take advantage of affordable small business loans and small business grants. Where can you find these you ask? Well, we’ve listed below a few of the best-known small-business grants for minority businesses.

We cover InnovateHER Challenge grants, which is The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has a competition every year for entrepreneurs with a product or service that has a positive effect on women and their lives. The first step involves entering the local InnovateHER Challenge. If the budding professional wins this round, they can advance to further stages and stand a chance to win up to $40,000. which is where plenty of federally sponsored grants are listed. Searching for small-business grants will yield helpful results. Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs where the SBA hosts two programs that awards grants to any small business that’s based on the idea of federal research and development. Go through the SBIR website to learn more about all the grants offered. -> Read more about small business grants for women here <-